Shochu[Alcoholic beverages]
Nihon no meishu: Ginjoshu junmaishu shochu Name:Nihon no meishu: Ginjoshu junmaishu shochu
Manufacturer:Yomiuri Shinbunsha

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Shōchū (焼酎; lit. "burned liquor") is a distillation|distilled alcoholic beverage which is traditionally produced in Japan. Most shochu is around 25% alcohol, although some varieties (particularly Okinawan ''awamori'') can go as high as 43%. Shochu can be made from rice ("kome-jochu") (米焼酎), although it is more commonly made from barley ("mugi-jochu") (麦焼酎), sweet potato ("satsuma imo-shochu")(芋焼酎) or sugar cane ("kokutou-shochu")(黒糖焼酎). More unusual base ingredients include soba (buckwheat), chestnut(栗焼酎)and milk(牛乳焼酎). The starch source is fermented over several weeks after a special mold (koji) has been added. A distillation process follows and the beverage is aged for a few months before being sent for market. Shochu should not be confused with sake, a brewed (not distilled) rice wine. The taste of shochu is usually far less fruity than sake and depends strongly on the nature of! the starch used in the brewing process. In general, its flavour is often described as "nutty" or "earthy". Imo-shochu is particularly evocative of almonds. Shochu is currently enjoying a real boom in Japan, and many younger drinkers prefer it to the more traditional sake.In Southern Kyushu, the centre of shochu production, the word ''sake'' actually means potato shochu, ''imo-jochu''; while in Okinawa it means the local brew ''awamori'' (泡盛, lit. "bubble top") and ''kūsū'' (aged awamori, lit. "old liquor"). Awamori, while also a distilled rice wine, differs from normal shochu as it is made from Thai-style, long-grained ''Indica'' rice, not the short-grained ''Japonica'' usually eaten in Japan.In Japan, shochu is typically drunk mixed with ice ("shochu rokku", as in "shochu on the rocks") or with hot water ("oyu-wari") according to the season or personal taste. A 60:40 ratio of water to shochu is typical. It is also mixed with Oolong tea or fr! uit juice (e.g., grapefruit). Shochu is widely available in s! upermark ets, liquor stores, and convenience stores in Japan, however it is not (yet) sufficiently well known to be widely available outside of Asia.Shochu is also used to make mixed drinks called ''chūhai'' (short for "shōchū highball"). A chuhai consists of shochu, soda, ice, and some flavoring, usually fruit. Lemon, grapefruit, apple, and ume are popular flavors. Canned chuhai are available from convenience stores and vending machines.Shigechiyo Izumi, a Japanese citizen who up until recently held the world record for longest life span (120 years), made shochu part of his daily dietary regimen. Because of his intimate passion for shochu, many have speculated that shochu is healthy and can actually promote longevity. This even prompted some local Ryukyu shochu brewers to market a special Longevity Liquor shochu bearing his likeness on the front label. Despite these claims, Izumi's personal physician strongly advised against drinking shochu, as his kidneys were n! ot strong enough to process shochu in his advanced age. But Izumi went on to say: "Without shochu there would be no pleasure in life. I would rather die than give up drinking." [http://english.mn.ru/english/issue.php?2002-18-26]. In Korea, shochu is known as soju.In China, shochu is shao1 zhou4 (燒酒) or just Chinese wine|jiu (酒).

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テンプレート GOLD. クリエーターオリジナル素材集 GOLD. クリエーターズフォト GOLD. QRコードで暑中見舞い FREE. グリーティングカード FREE. FREE. 宛名印刷FREE. 暑中見舞いおすすめフォント sho...

Trading in Information ? Throughout Marubeni and Across the Globe
イプ: PDF/Adobe AcrobatSet a glass of sake beside a glass of shochu, and you likely. will not be ableto tell them apart. While sake is often nearly ... Mr. Wong Yiu Fai, Head ofTechnical Services & Procurement, Airport Authority Hong Kong...

ひょうたん屋/しそ焼酎 鍛高譚(たんたかたん)

hu AUTHORITY汐留店限定!!魔王の元杜氏が造る傑作界 25°720mlSho-Chu AUTHORITY汐留店人... ... ◇Sho-Chu AUTHORITY オリジナル焼酎◇ 界《芋》 焼酎専門店 Sho-ChuAUTHORITY この商品についての詳細情報はこちらからご確認下さい...

Wishing Well Excellent Beer Shochu & Cuisine 神谷町店/ホット ...
ng Well Excellent Beer Shochu & Cuisine 神谷町店,(銀座・有楽町・新橋,ダイニングバー・レストランバー)のクーポンやお店情報などをご紹介し...

ットコム ht...


イプ: Rich Text Format - HTMLバージョンThe tax rates would then have to be the same or at least similar for shochu andthe other liquors. The Panel and the Appellate Body found that shochu and theother liquors are either “like” or “directly competitive,” and therefore th...

ぽた郎のあるちゅ〜のーと: 5. shochu & awamori アーカイブ
ory Archive 5. shochu & awamori 焼酎。米,麦,蕎麦,芋・・・。いろいろあります。もちろん,泡盛も。 ... 5. shochu & awamori 【61件】 6. spirits 【5件】 7.others 【3件】 8. reluctant drinking 【21件】 9. temperance day 【71件...

を見る 価格:1000 円 (税別、送料別), 弥生焼酎醸造所 碧い海《黒糖》焼酎専門店 Sho-Chu AUTHORITY この商品についての詳細情報はこちらからご確認下さい。弥生焼酎醸造所碧い海 720ml · 詳しい情報を見る 価格:1000 円 (税別、送料...

ウェブディレクトリ - World > Japanese > レクリエーション > グルメ ...
- http://shochu.daisuki.ne.jp/index.html 球磨焼酎の蔵元や製品を紹介している。 ... C.MOON - http://www.shochu.or.jp/c-moon/index.html 甲類焼酎を使用したカクテルのレシピをまとめている...

日本蒸留酒酒造組合 東北支部
ホームページはこちら http://www.shochu.or.jp/ *個人情報の保護に関する方針*. 焼酎は、日本を代表する蒸留酒で、ジン・ウォッカ・ウィスキーも蒸留酒の仲間です。蒸留酒は、麦やとうもろこしなどの穀物類を主な原料とし、発酵後蒸留し...

(i) Shochu and vodka are like products and Japan, by taxing the latter in excessof the former, is in violation of ... The fact that such an "exclusive authority"in interpreting the treaty has been established so specifically in th...

Japan Times: The spirit of the times
All it takes is a whiff and a sip of shochu to realize it is markedly differentfrom the more common nihonshu (which ... On the other hand, the first evidenceof shochu in Japan -- after it probably came with traders from China or Kore...

イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンCouncil who have exclusive authority to interpret the WTO Agreement (Agreement.Establishing the World Trade Organization, Article IX:2). ... domestic and importedshochu just as there is domestic and imported vodka. Imported shoch...

@nifty: 趣味 : 料理 : 手作り酒類&調味料
酒くらぶ. つくる、飲む、といった果実酒のすべてがわかる情報を提供している。お父さんのための果実酒講座などがある。 http://www.shochu.or.jp/kajitsushu/. 14.ブルワーズネットコミュニケーション. ブルワー(ビール醸造者)とビール好き...

焼酎販売 --錦灘酒造・通信販売部--

読者の声 焼酎ブーム−地域のための科学技術の振興に寄せて− 砂田 向 ...
3:焼酎の区分(甲類と乙類) 参考 http://www.shochu.or.jp/adv/frame.html *4:さつま白波 薩摩酒造 http://www.satsuma.co.jp 写真 熊本県山鹿市の歴史的酒造工場の建物を移築し、古い資料と近代的醸造法を比較できる全国唯一の焼酎資料館だ...

「総合的な学習の授業及び評価に関する開発的研究」研究成果報告書 ...
学習の授業及び評価に関する開発的研究」研究成果報告書. 総合的な学習の時間の授業と評価の工夫. 平成14年度報告書 平成15年度報告書 平成16年度報告書.(報告書本文のファイルはPDFで作成されています.ファイルをごらんにな...

暑中お見舞いCGをお届けします〜。 ではでは、これからが暑さの本番ですが、夏バテ等お気をつけて乗り切ってくださいませ〜☆・:.,;* http://home.interlink.or.jp/~nyannyan/娘々倶楽部 娘...

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Medicare (United States)

Medicare (United States)[Insurance]
Health Care Economics (Delmar Series in Health Services Administration) Name:Health Care Economics (Delmar Series in Health Services Administration)
Release:14 July, 2004
Manufacturer:Thomson Delmar Learning

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Medicare is a program of health insurance for the elderly and disabled in the USA. It was first passed on July 30, 1965 as amendments to Social Security (United States)|Social Security legislation.

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Primary cutaneous nocardiosis: a case study and review.(Study) : An article from: Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology Name:Primary cutaneous nocardiosis: a case study and review.(Study) : An article from: Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology
Release:31 July, 2005
Manufacturer:Medknow Publications

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Mycetoma is an important parasitic disease in arid and semi-arid regions around the globe. It is found in Brazil, Mexico, the Sahel, in pan-Arabia, and in semi-arid areas of India. It is found as far north as Romania. There are two forms of mycetoma. At the level of electron microscopy the two forms of mycetoma are difficult to distinguish from one another. The two forms of mycetoma are bacterial mycetoma and fungal mycetoma. Bacterial mycetoma is known as actinomycetoma. Fungal mycetoma is known as eumycetoma.The disease is usually acquired while performing agriculture|agricultural work. It generally afflicts men between 20 and 40 years old. Most infections appear initially in the foot or hand. The disease is characterized by a yogurt-like discharge upon maturation of the infection. The disease travels via the lymphatic system. Infections normally start in the foot or hand and travel up the leg or up the arm.The disease is acquired by contacting grains of bacter! ial or fungal spores that have been discharged onto the soil. Infection usually involves an open area or break in the skin.Diagnosis of mycetoma is usually accomplished by radiology, ultrasound or by fine needle aspiration of the fluid within an afflicted area of the body.There are several clinical treatments available for this disease. They include surgery, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole and amputation.There is no sure-fire treatment available at this date. Nor is there available at this date a vaccine for mycetoma.Scientists at such institutions as The mycetoma research center|The Mycetoma Research Center at The University of Khartoum in the Sudan are working on a cure.

Causative species

Species of bacteria that cause Mycetoma include:* ''Actinomadura madurae''
* ''Actinomadura pelletierii''
* ''Streptomyces somaliensis'' Species of fungus that cause Mycetoma include:* ''Madurella myceomatis''.

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E & J Gallo Winery

E & J Gallo Winery[wine]
Intermediate Accounting, Update Name:Intermediate Accounting, Update
Release:17 December, 2004
Manufacturer:John Wiley & Sons

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The E & J Gallo Winery was founded in 1933 by Ernest and Julio Gallo in Sonoma, California. Its Healdsburg, California facility is managed by two third-generation family members, Matthew and Gina Gallo. E & J Gallo is the second largest wine company in the world, behind Constellation Brands.

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Program trading

Program trading[Finance]
Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading + CD Name:Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading + CD
Release:06 August, 2004

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Program trading is casually defined as the use of computers in stock markets to engage in arbitrage and portfolio (finance)|portfolio insurance strategies. More precisely, the New York Stock Exchange defines a program trade as a basket of stocks having either a total value of $1MM (or more) or where the total number of stocks in the basket is 15 or greater.Program trades need to be specifically marked as such when submitted to the exchanges, and there are certain restrictions placed on programs that do not apply to non-program trades (NYSE rule 80-A, for example).In recent times, there has been a subset of program trading called ''algorithmic trading''. This is when a very complex computer program takes an order and breaks it up into very small pieces (typically 100-300 shares per piece) and gradually submits these pieces into the market. The goal is to trade quickly enough to get your order done before others "catch on" to what you're doing, and at the same time to trade! slowly enough so that you do not impact the stock by "walking the book".Through the 1970s and early 1980s, computers were becoming more important on Wall Street. They allowed instantaneous execution of orders to buy or sell large batches of stocks and futures. The most popular explanation for the Black Monday (1987)|1987 crash was selling by program traders. Many blamed program trading strategies for blindly selling stocks as markets fell, exacerbating the decline.

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Shinobi[Japanese terms]
Shinobi Name:Shinobi
Catalog:Video Games

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Shinobi (忍び) can refer to:* A Ninja
* The Shinobi (video game)|video game by SEGA

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NOBI 忍 SHINOBI ... 原 作, 山田風太郎 『甲賀忍法帖』. ●監 督,下山天. ●出 演, 仲間由紀恵、オダギリジョー、黒谷友香、沢尻エリカ、椎名桔平 他.●データ, 2005年/日本映画/101...

映画「忍 SHINOBI」椎名桔平に聞く
しのび) SHINOBI」(下山天監督)で椎名桔平が演じたのは不死身の伊賀忍者、薬師寺天膳(てんぜん)。「忍の役なんて初めてですからね。 ... 忍 SHINOBI」のワンシーン。“不死身の忍”薬師寺天膳を、奇抜で大胆な役作りで体現す...

???映画 ?SHINOBI?. (C)2005?忍-SHINOBI????????? 福岡中洲大洋?AMC???????13????????????福岡 他にて9/17(土)より公開 ■合同記者会見の模様は??? ■?????? ????さん??????? ■?????紹介 ■?SHINOBI?について語ろう(???BBS) ■??????TOP...



「SHINOBI」米でリメークへ - nikkansports.com > 芸能ニュース
(25)オダギリジョー(29)がダブル主演した忍者映画「SHINOBI」(下山天監督)に、ハリウッド映画「 ... 写真=映画「SHINOBI」の初日舞台あいさつで、大ヒットの看板を持つ、左から、黒谷友香、オダギリジョー、仲...



仲間由紀恵主演「SHINOBI」、ラジオサイドストーリーをPodcast配信 ...
さん、オダギリジョーさん主演の映画「SHINOBI」。17日より公開されるこの映画のサイドストーリーが、15日 ... 映画「SHINOBI」. 原作: 山田風太郎「甲賀忍法帖」監督: 下山天 キャスト: 仲間 由紀恵、オダギリジョーほか 主題歌: 浜...

GameSpy: Shinobi
GameSpy is the most complete source for Shinobi trailers, screenshots, cheats,walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and ...

BI. いよいよ9月17日公開 運命の出会いまで???????? この愛は、終わらない.このサイトについて??? · 「SHINOBI]について · ストーリー · キャスト · 記者会見レポート · SHINOBI -BBS...

BI:試写会にあゆ登場 仲間由紀恵に花束贈呈. 舞台あいさつに登場し仲間由紀恵(右)に花束を渡す浜崎あゆみ(中央). 仲間由紀恵(25)とオダギリジョー(29)が、主演する映画「SHINOBI」の試写会が東京・有楽町マリオンで...

弘、(59)=写真=が30日、都内の遊園地で行われた映画「SHINOBI」(9月17日公開)のPRイベントに、ほんもののくノ一を従えて登場。 芸能界の“サムライ”藤岡は、5人の忍者と殺陣を披露し、「美しい映像と激しいアクション...

券は、映画ファンド「忍−SHINOBIファンド匿名組合」 を2004年11月30日より募集受付中です。 ... 忍−SHINOBIファンド匿名組合 元本60%確保タイプ」は出資金の60%を銀行保証付の松竹株式会社向け貸付債権で運用し、残りの40%を映画製...

MOVIX橋本 インフォメーション
×オダギリジョー”今秋最大の話題作 『忍 SHINOBI』 公開迫る!! ... を代表する豪華キャストと精鋭スタッフが結集して挑む、全く新しいラブ&アクション・エンタテインメント「忍 SHINOBI」が、MOVIX橋本にて9月17日、待望のロードショー...

映画「SHINOBI」ラジオドラマのポッドキャスト配信開始。写真の閲覧も ...

映画好き)・本・旅 ネタバレなし、感想や評論でない感じたままを書きます。劇場で見る価値アリナシは文章の...

映画 忍 SHINOBI 仲間由紀恵 主題歌は浜崎あゆみ書き下ろし
SHINOBI は、奇想天外なアクション、妖艶な秘術、独自の世界観で忍者を描き、一世を風靡した鬼才・山田風太郎の傑作小説「甲賀忍法帖」。大ヒットコミック「バジリスク〜甲賀忍法帖〜」の原作としていま再び注目を集める中、映像化不可能といわ...

SHINOBI -- 映画 「 SHINOBI 」の詳細情報
BI の口コミ情報: 山田風太郎の『甲賀忍法帖』を大胆にアレンジし、最新のVFXを駆使して描く時代劇アクション・エンタテインメント。宿敵である伊賀と甲賀が互いの存亡をかけて繰り広げる壮絶な戦いと、その中にあって自らの宿命...

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Liquor store

Liquor store[Alcoholic beverages]
Panasonic TH-50PX50U 50 Name:Panasonic TH-50PX50U 50" Flat-Panel HD-Ready Plasma TV

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I have had this TV for almost 2 months.We have watched multiple movies and HDTV shows via local cable company.Everything has been great.In fact, my father just ordered one for his house after coming to ours.My wife loves it because she can see it perfectly from the kitchen which is about 175 degrees to one side.Crazy!!!
CustomerReview by amazon


A liquor store is a type of convenience store which specializes in the sale of alcoholic beverages, especially in regions (e.g., the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) where the regulations concerning alcohol are particularly strict and supermarkets are not permitted to distribute it.

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Kimilsungia[American actor]


Kimilsungia is a hybrid cultivar of orchid, ''Dendrobium'' 'Kim il Sung', and one of the two national emblem|national flowers of North Korea.According to the Pyongyang-published book ''Korea in the 20th Century: 100 Significant Events'', Kim Il Sung travelled to Indonesia to meet with his counterpart, Sukarno. Kim was taken on a tour of the Bogor Botanical Garden, where
''he stopped before a particular flower, its stem stretching straight, its leaves spreading fair, giving a cool appearance, and its pink blossoms showing off their elegance and preciousness; he said the plant looked lovely, speaking highly of the success in raising it. Sukarno said that the plant had not yet been named, and that he would name it after Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung declined his offer, but Sukarno insisted earnestly that respected Kim Il Sung was entitled to such a great honour, for he had already performed great exploits for the benefit of mankind.''
Kimilsungia flower shows are held every year in Pyongyang. Traditionally, diplomatic mission|embassies of foreign countries in North Korea each present their own bouquet of the flower to the annual exhibition.The North Korean government says that Kim Il Sung's peerless character is "fully reflected in the immortal flower" which is "is blooming everywhere on the five continents".

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Essential amino acid

Essential amino acid[Health care]
Essential amino acid deficiency enhances long-term intake but not short-term licking of the required nutrient : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition Name:Essential amino acid deficiency enhances long-term intake but not short-term licking of the required nutrient : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition
Release:02 September, 2005
Manufacturer:American Institute of Nutrition

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An essential amino acid for an organism is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the organism from other available resources, and therefore must be supplied as part of its diet.Eight amino acids are generally regarded as essential for humans: tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, leucine, isoleucine. Two others, histidine and arginine are essential only in children. A good mnemonic device for remembering these is "Private Tim Hall", abbreviated as: ''PVT TIM HALL''.Which amino acids are essential, varies from species to species, as different metabolisms are able to synthesize different substances. For instance, taurine (which is not, by strict definition, an amino acid) is essential for cats, but not for dogs. Thus, dog food is not nutritionally sufficient for cats, and taurine is added to commercial cat food, but not to dog food.
The distinction between essential and non-essential amino acids is somewhat unclear, as some amino acids can be produced from others. The sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and homocysteine, can be converted into each other but neither can be synthesized from scratch in humans. Likewise, cysteine can be made from homocysteine, but not from scratch. So, for convenience, sulfur-containing amino acids are sometimes considered a single pool of nutritionally-equivalent amino acids. Likewise arginine, ornithine, and citrulline, which are interconvertible by the urea cycle, are considered a single pool.

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Jackson-Triggs and Peller Estates Winery tours (87).(Gourmet Excursions) : An article from: Toronto Life Name:Jackson-Triggs and Peller Estates Winery tours (87).(Gourmet Excursions) : An article from: Toronto Life
Release:01 June, 2005
Manufacturer:Toronto Life Publishing Co. Ltd.

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Jackson-Triggs is a leading Canada|Canadian winery with vinards in the Okanagan Valley and the Niagara Peninsula. They have won the "Canadian Wine Producer of the Year" trophy four times since 1999 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.Jackson-Triggs was co-founded by Donald Triggs and Allan Jackson in 1993. With $750 million in sales and 2,300 employees worldwide, they are Canada's leading vintner.

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