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In the Fishtank, Vol. 12 Name:In the Fishtank, Vol. 12
Release:22 February, 2005
Manufacturer:In the Fishtank

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first off, the warning.if you are a karate fan, dont get excited expecting new karate material, because these are all covers. now, that stated...go ahead and GET excited, because this is still a GREAT disc. if you dont know anything about the fishtank series, basically it's a european label that gives touring bands 2 days of studio time to record an ep, then they release it.the results are a little inconsistent, to say the least. that's not the case here.karate picks a very odd mix of songs to cover, but the results are great.these are all done in karate's style and after tracking down some of the orignals, they do an amazing job with them. if you are a karate fan, you OWE it to yourself to pick this up.these songs end up sounding like they could have been older karate songs, and since i would guess the average person isn't going to know most of these songs...it's not even like a covers album. the ONLY other warning i give, this is a short disc.more like an ep than a cd, but! well worth the price of admission.
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:''This article is about the martial art. For the band, see Karate (band)''.Karate or karate-dō (空手道) is a martial arts|martial art of Okinawa Island|Okinawan origin. Rather than being the product of any one person, culture or era, karate is a synthesis of various Okinawan fighting methods, enhanced intermittently with admixture from various Chinese martial arts. In modernity, it is categorized by some as budo, introduced to the Japan|Japanese main islands from Okinawa in 1921 by various Okinawan practitioners who migrated to Japan during the early 20th century. One who practices karate is sometimes referred to as a ''karate-ka''. Karate-ka meaning karate practitioner.Karate emphasizes explosive striking techniques, such as punching, kicking, knee/elbow strikes and open hand techniques. However, grappling, joint manipulations, locks, restraints, throwing and vital point striking are inherent in the finer points of the kata. Simple punching and kick! ing is too one dimensional to be called true karate.In general, karate training is divided into three major areas, kihon, kata and kumite. Kihon (基本) is the study of the fundamental moves, the basic components, required to perform the art. Kata (型) means 'form' and is a series of movements and techniques, linked together by the principles that the kata expresses, represented as a fixed sequence of moves against imagined opponents. Kumite (組手) means 'sparring' and develops from well-defined kata to open sparring.It is important to remember that the kihon/kata/kumite division of curriculum is by no means a complete representation of the sum of the art, nor is it the most 'traditional' approach. There are many different expressions of karate technique found in different styles, teachers and cultures, and none may be regarded as inferior or superior without a thorough experiential knowledge of the art.

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Master Meitatsu Yagi was also a director of the All Okinawa Karate-Do Gojyu-Kaifor 20 years. He also served a two year term as President of the Okinawan Karate-DoGojyu-Kai in 1987 as well as President of the Hombu Dojo in Kume...

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E EXPOへの日本代表選抜戦は2004年度、そして2005年度の全日本女子空手道選手権大会が担います。 ... よって2004年5月9日に開催いたします第8回全日本女子空手道選手権大会は、ワールドカップとKARATE EXPOのW予選となります。KARATE EXPOへの海...

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participat ?n 10 septembrie la cel mai important campionat open destinatsenioarelor, Karate Expo, ?n Nagoia, Japonia. ?n lipsa unui campionat mondialpentru femei, Karate Expo, concurs aflat la a treia edi?ie reprezint? cea ma...

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de geschiedenis van het hedendaagse karate. Bekijk foto's van de oprichter, en bekijk demonstratie films.(F...

メ〜テレアナウンサールーム 「国際女子空手道選手権大会」
世界各国から精鋭たちが集まって、無差別体重で闘う 「KARATE EXPO2005」が岐阜で開催されました。 大きな外国人選手の迫力ある組み手はもちろん、体格の差に関係なく果敢に挑む日本人選手の姿には感動すら覚えます...

E EXPO 2005 · 世界各国大会結果. 女子武道家アーカイブ. Photo & Movie Archive.KARATE EXPO大会事務局 · KARATE EXPO関連リンク · お知らせ · Search · 森の惑星・骨髄バンクチャリティー ... KARATE EXPO Declaration. We with our Budo Spiri...

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