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The evil acorn has stolen Conker's best friend, Berrie and all the presensts, it's up to Conker to find all the birthday presents and rescue Berrie or his birthday party will be ruined. There are also foes such as Honker. You can talk to the acorn villiagers for some helpful information. There are also plenty of puzzles to solve. The graphics look very pixelated if you take a very close look at the screen.
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Survival rates suffer as teens and young adults’ needs are ignored says charityLondon, UK: Teenagers and young adults have been neglected, ignored and 'definedout of existence' by the government and the NHS, the head of a UK cance...

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Mrs Myrna Whiteson, chairman of Teenage Cancer Trust, told a news briefing atthe Trust's Third International Conference ... The Teenage Cancer Trust has beenhighlighting the problem for over 10 years. We have been spending millions o...

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