Program trading

Program trading[Finance]
Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading + CD Name:Equity Markets in Action: The Fundamentals of Liquidity, Market Structure & Trading + CD
Release:06 August, 2004

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Program trading is casually defined as the use of computers in stock markets to engage in arbitrage and portfolio (finance)|portfolio insurance strategies. More precisely, the New York Stock Exchange defines a program trade as a basket of stocks having either a total value of $1MM (or more) or where the total number of stocks in the basket is 15 or greater.Program trades need to be specifically marked as such when submitted to the exchanges, and there are certain restrictions placed on programs that do not apply to non-program trades (NYSE rule 80-A, for example).In recent times, there has been a subset of program trading called ''algorithmic trading''. This is when a very complex computer program takes an order and breaks it up into very small pieces (typically 100-300 shares per piece) and gradually submits these pieces into the market. The goal is to trade quickly enough to get your order done before others "catch on" to what you're doing, and at the same time to trade! slowly enough so that you do not impact the stock by "walking the book".Through the 1970s and early 1980s, computers were becoming more important on Wall Street. They allowed instantaneous execution of orders to buy or sell large batches of stocks and futures. The most popular explanation for the Black Monday (1987)|1987 crash was selling by program traders. Many blamed program trading strategies for blindly selling stocks as markets fell, exacerbating the decline.

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Shinobi[Japanese terms]
Shinobi Name:Shinobi
Catalog:Video Games

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Shinobi (忍び) can refer to:* A Ninja
* The Shinobi (video game)|video game by SEGA

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NOBI 忍 SHINOBI ... 原 作, 山田風太郎 『甲賀忍法帖』. ●監 督,下山天. ●出 演, 仲間由紀恵、オダギリジョー、黒谷友香、沢尻エリカ、椎名桔平 他.●データ, 2005年/日本映画/101...

映画「忍 SHINOBI」椎名桔平に聞く
しのび) SHINOBI」(下山天監督)で椎名桔平が演じたのは不死身の伊賀忍者、薬師寺天膳(てんぜん)。「忍の役なんて初めてですからね。 ... 忍 SHINOBI」のワンシーン。“不死身の忍”薬師寺天膳を、奇抜で大胆な役作りで体現す...

???映画 ?SHINOBI?. (C)2005?忍-SHINOBI????????? 福岡中洲大洋?AMC???????13????????????福岡 他にて9/17(土)より公開 ■合同記者会見の模様は??? ■?????? ????さん??????? ■?????紹介 ■?SHINOBI?について語ろう(???BBS) ■??????TOP...



「SHINOBI」米でリメークへ - nikkansports.com > 芸能ニュース
(25)オダギリジョー(29)がダブル主演した忍者映画「SHINOBI」(下山天監督)に、ハリウッド映画「 ... 写真=映画「SHINOBI」の初日舞台あいさつで、大ヒットの看板を持つ、左から、黒谷友香、オダギリジョー、仲...



仲間由紀恵主演「SHINOBI」、ラジオサイドストーリーをPodcast配信 ...
さん、オダギリジョーさん主演の映画「SHINOBI」。17日より公開されるこの映画のサイドストーリーが、15日 ... 映画「SHINOBI」. 原作: 山田風太郎「甲賀忍法帖」監督: 下山天 キャスト: 仲間 由紀恵、オダギリジョーほか 主題歌: 浜...

GameSpy: Shinobi
GameSpy is the most complete source for Shinobi trailers, screenshots, cheats,walkthroughs, release dates, previews, reviews, soundtracks and ...

BI. いよいよ9月17日公開 運命の出会いまで???????? この愛は、終わらない.このサイトについて??? · 「SHINOBI]について · ストーリー · キャスト · 記者会見レポート · SHINOBI -BBS...

BI:試写会にあゆ登場 仲間由紀恵に花束贈呈. 舞台あいさつに登場し仲間由紀恵(右)に花束を渡す浜崎あゆみ(中央). 仲間由紀恵(25)とオダギリジョー(29)が、主演する映画「SHINOBI」の試写会が東京・有楽町マリオンで...

弘、(59)=写真=が30日、都内の遊園地で行われた映画「SHINOBI」(9月17日公開)のPRイベントに、ほんもののくノ一を従えて登場。 芸能界の“サムライ”藤岡は、5人の忍者と殺陣を披露し、「美しい映像と激しいアクション...

券は、映画ファンド「忍−SHINOBIファンド匿名組合」 を2004年11月30日より募集受付中です。 ... 忍−SHINOBIファンド匿名組合 元本60%確保タイプ」は出資金の60%を銀行保証付の松竹株式会社向け貸付債権で運用し、残りの40%を映画製...

MOVIX橋本 インフォメーション
×オダギリジョー”今秋最大の話題作 『忍 SHINOBI』 公開迫る!! ... を代表する豪華キャストと精鋭スタッフが結集して挑む、全く新しいラブ&アクション・エンタテインメント「忍 SHINOBI」が、MOVIX橋本にて9月17日、待望のロードショー...

映画「SHINOBI」ラジオドラマのポッドキャスト配信開始。写真の閲覧も ...

映画好き)・本・旅 ネタバレなし、感想や評論でない感じたままを書きます。劇場で見る価値アリナシは文章の...

映画 忍 SHINOBI 仲間由紀恵 主題歌は浜崎あゆみ書き下ろし
SHINOBI は、奇想天外なアクション、妖艶な秘術、独自の世界観で忍者を描き、一世を風靡した鬼才・山田風太郎の傑作小説「甲賀忍法帖」。大ヒットコミック「バジリスク〜甲賀忍法帖〜」の原作としていま再び注目を集める中、映像化不可能といわ...

SHINOBI -- 映画 「 SHINOBI 」の詳細情報
BI の口コミ情報: 山田風太郎の『甲賀忍法帖』を大胆にアレンジし、最新のVFXを駆使して描く時代劇アクション・エンタテインメント。宿敵である伊賀と甲賀が互いの存亡をかけて繰り広げる壮絶な戦いと、その中にあって自らの宿命...

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Liquor store

Liquor store[Alcoholic beverages]
Panasonic TH-50PX50U 50 Name:Panasonic TH-50PX50U 50" Flat-Panel HD-Ready Plasma TV

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I have had this TV for almost 2 months.We have watched multiple movies and HDTV shows via local cable company.Everything has been great.In fact, my father just ordered one for his house after coming to ours.My wife loves it because she can see it perfectly from the kitchen which is about 175 degrees to one side.Crazy!!!
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A liquor store is a type of convenience store which specializes in the sale of alcoholic beverages, especially in regions (e.g., the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) where the regulations concerning alcohol are particularly strict and supermarkets are not permitted to distribute it.

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Kimilsungia[American actor]


Kimilsungia is a hybrid cultivar of orchid, ''Dendrobium'' 'Kim il Sung', and one of the two national emblem|national flowers of North Korea.According to the Pyongyang-published book ''Korea in the 20th Century: 100 Significant Events'', Kim Il Sung travelled to Indonesia to meet with his counterpart, Sukarno. Kim was taken on a tour of the Bogor Botanical Garden, where
''he stopped before a particular flower, its stem stretching straight, its leaves spreading fair, giving a cool appearance, and its pink blossoms showing off their elegance and preciousness; he said the plant looked lovely, speaking highly of the success in raising it. Sukarno said that the plant had not yet been named, and that he would name it after Kim Il Sung. Kim Il Sung declined his offer, but Sukarno insisted earnestly that respected Kim Il Sung was entitled to such a great honour, for he had already performed great exploits for the benefit of mankind.''
Kimilsungia flower shows are held every year in Pyongyang. Traditionally, diplomatic mission|embassies of foreign countries in North Korea each present their own bouquet of the flower to the annual exhibition.The North Korean government says that Kim Il Sung's peerless character is "fully reflected in the immortal flower" which is "is blooming everywhere on the five continents".

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Essential amino acid

Essential amino acid[Health care]
Essential amino acid deficiency enhances long-term intake but not short-term licking of the required nutrient : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition Name:Essential amino acid deficiency enhances long-term intake but not short-term licking of the required nutrient : An article from: The Journal of Nutrition
Release:02 September, 2005
Manufacturer:American Institute of Nutrition

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An essential amino acid for an organism is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the organism from other available resources, and therefore must be supplied as part of its diet.Eight amino acids are generally regarded as essential for humans: tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, leucine, isoleucine. Two others, histidine and arginine are essential only in children. A good mnemonic device for remembering these is "Private Tim Hall", abbreviated as: ''PVT TIM HALL''.Which amino acids are essential, varies from species to species, as different metabolisms are able to synthesize different substances. For instance, taurine (which is not, by strict definition, an amino acid) is essential for cats, but not for dogs. Thus, dog food is not nutritionally sufficient for cats, and taurine is added to commercial cat food, but not to dog food.
The distinction between essential and non-essential amino acids is somewhat unclear, as some amino acids can be produced from others. The sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and homocysteine, can be converted into each other but neither can be synthesized from scratch in humans. Likewise, cysteine can be made from homocysteine, but not from scratch. So, for convenience, sulfur-containing amino acids are sometimes considered a single pool of nutritionally-equivalent amino acids. Likewise arginine, ornithine, and citrulline, which are interconvertible by the urea cycle, are considered a single pool.

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Jackson-Triggs and Peller Estates Winery tours (87).(Gourmet Excursions) : An article from: Toronto Life Name:Jackson-Triggs and Peller Estates Winery tours (87).(Gourmet Excursions) : An article from: Toronto Life
Release:01 June, 2005
Manufacturer:Toronto Life Publishing Co. Ltd.

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Jackson-Triggs is a leading Canada|Canadian winery with vinards in the Okanagan Valley and the Niagara Peninsula. They have won the "Canadian Wine Producer of the Year" trophy four times since 1999 at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.Jackson-Triggs was co-founded by Donald Triggs and Allan Jackson in 1993. With $750 million in sales and 2,300 employees worldwide, they are Canada's leading vintner.

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Resource-Based Relative Value Scale

Resource-Based Relative Value Scale[Insurance]
The McGraw-Hill Complete RBRVS: The Resource Based Relative Value Scale Name:The McGraw-Hill Complete RBRVS: The Resource Based Relative Value Scale
Release:September, 1996
Manufacturer:McGraw-Hill Companies

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Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) is a scheme used to determine how much money medical providers should be paid. It is currently used by Medicare (United States)|Medicare in the United States and by several HMOs.RBRVS assigns procedures performed by a doctor or other medical provider a ''relative value''. This is then multiplied by a fixed ''conversion factor'' (in dollars) to determine the amount of payment.

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Kosher wine

Kosher wine[Konwledge of Wine]
The Mensch Chef: Or Why Delicious Jewish Food Isn't an Oxymoron Name:The Mensch Chef: Or Why Delicious Jewish Food Isn't an Oxymoron
Release:05 March, 2002
Manufacturer:Clarkson Potter

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I cannot be more enthusiastic about this book.If you want all the yiddish basics, thoughtfully brought together in one book... this is it!For me it is a dream come true... it is the research I would have loved to do, had I the time (well, he saved me the trouble!)In a time when all the classics are being jazzed up for a contemporary palette... to have these classics simple and unadulterated (possibilities of family variations aside) on record (right down to the shmaltz!) is a gift for all of us!You won't be dissapointed! mmmmmmmmmm!
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Kosher wine results only when wine is produced according to Judaism's Halakha|religious law, specifically, the Jewish dietary laws of (kashrut), and then is known as "kosher wine". However other branches of Judaism are more "lenient" with these laws, see views of Conservative Judaism below. Reform Judaism does not observe these laws.

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Medicated Magic Name:Medicated Magic
Release:16 July, 2002
Manufacturer:Japanese Import

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Medicaid in the United States is a program managed by the states and funded jointly by the states and federal government to provide health insurance for individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income. Among the groups of people served by Medicaid are eligible low-income parents, children, seniors, and people with disabilities. Medicaid was created on July 30, 1965 through Title XIX of the Social Security Act. Each state administers its own Medicaid program while the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration) in the United States Department of Health and Human Services monitors the state-run programs and establishes requirements for service delivery, quality, funding, and eligibility standards. Medicaid policies for eligibility, services, and payment are complex and vary considerably, eve! n among states of similar size or geographic proximity. A person who is eligible for Medicaid in one state may not be eligible in another state, and the services provided by one state may differ considerably in amount, duration, or scope from services provided in a similar or neighboring State. In addition, state legislatures may change Medicaid eligibility, services, and/or reimbursement during the year.State participation in Medicaid is voluntary; however, all states have participated since 1982. In some states Medicaid pays private health insurance companies that contract with the state Medicaid program, while other states pay providers (i.e., doctors, clinics and hospitals) directly to ensure that individuals receive proper medical attention. The State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) was established in 1997. In addition, other programs may exist in some localities that are funded by the states or their political subdivisions to provide health coverage for in! digents and minors. There is also general confusion about the ! differen ces between Medicaid and Medicare (United States), which is an entirely federal health insurance program available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities, and a few other groups. While Medicaid and Medicare cover similar groups, they are entirely different programs. For example, Medicaid covers a wider range of health care services than Medicare and does not have premiums or deductibles like Medicare. In 2001, about 6.5 million Americans were enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.Medicaid has become a major budgetary issue for many states over the last few years, with the program, on average, taking up a quarter of each state's budget. In 2002, Medicaid enrollees numbered 39.9 million Americans, the largest group being children (18.4 million or 46 percent). It is estimated that 42.9 million Americans will be enrolled in 2004 with 19.7 million being children. Medicaid pays for nearly 60 percent of all nursing home residents and about 37 percent of al! l births in the United States. In 2005, Medicaid became a major focus of lawmakers, as Congress debated funding cuts for the program. The budget reforms called for $10 billion in cuts over five years.

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Medicaid (Health Services Financing)
The Bureau is responsible for administering the Medicaid program in Louisiana. Medicaid is the public insurance program that reimburses for health care services provided to low-income elderly, disabled and families with chil...

NASMD -- National Association of State Medicaid Directors
Bipartisan, professional, nonprofit organization of representatives of state Medicaid agencies (including the District of Columbia and the territories). Position papers, legislative memoranda, specific information on state waive...

State of Nevada - DHCFP (Medicaid)
The Division of Health Care Financing and Policy works in partnership with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ... Para asistencia de Eligibilidad de Medicaid, por favor contacte las oficinas de Welfare en Carson City al (775...

North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance Home Page
This is the home page for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Division of Medical Assistance. Information about North Carolina Medicaid and North Carolina Health Choice for Children can be found within this web...

Nebraska HHS System: Medicaid Index
This page provides information about the Nebraska Medical Assistance Program, also known as the Nebraska Medicaid pro...

FSSA - Medicaid
The Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) finances basic, cost-effective medical services for low-income residents of the State of Indiana. Privacy Policy · Aviso Sobre el Manejo de la Privacidad · Who is Eligible for Medicaid...

DSS - Division of Medical Services
DMS is the state agency responsible for the administration of the Missouri Medicaid Program. ... To receive automatic email notification of all bulletins and other official Missouri Medicaid communications, please subscribe to our emai...

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Mulled wine

Mulled wine[Konwledge of Wine]
Mulled Wine Punch and Party Drinks (Cooking Made Easy) Name:Mulled Wine Punch and Party Drinks (Cooking Made Easy)
Release:September, 1994
Manufacturer:Murdoch Books UK

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Mulled wine is wine, usually red wine, combined with spices and usually served hot. In the old times wine often went bad, but by adding spices and honey it could be made drinkable again. Nowadays it is a traditional drink during winter, and especially around Christmas, to warm you up.Glogg (Swedish language|Swedish: ''Gl?gg'', Norwegian language|Norwegian: ''Gl?gg'', Danish language|Danish: ''Gl?gg'', Finnish language|Finnish: ''Gl?gi'') is the Scandinavian form of mulled wine, similar to Gl?hwein in German-speaking countries. Gl?hwein is usually prepared from (not too expensive) red wine, which is heated and spiced with cinnamon sticks, cloves and sugar.If you add orange juice to it, you get a form of Punsch.

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Recovery amount

Recovery amount[Finance]
SurgeMaster Home Series Wall Mount w/Tel and Coax,6 Outlet, 2655 Joules, ($250K CEW & Data Recovery) Name:SurgeMaster Home Series Wall Mount w/Tel and Coax,6 Outlet, 2655 Joules, ($250K CEW & Data Recovery)
Manufacturer:Belkin Components

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When a bond or other financial derivative defaults, the recovery amount is the amount that the underlying company can afford to pay. This is based on the cash originally designated for the coupon or maturity payment (if they defaulted simply because they did not have enough cash), or by selling off assets, or other methods.

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Merchant banking

Merchant banking[Finance]
The Collapse of Barings Name:The Collapse of Barings
Release:01 January, 1997
Manufacturer:W. W. Norton & Company

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Merchant banking refers to investment by a bank in a non-financial business. It is virtually equivalent to private equity investing.

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Wine[Konwledge of Wine]
Cuisinart CWC-900 Private Reserve wine cellar, brushed stainless Name:Cuisinart CWC-900 Private Reserve wine cellar, brushed stainless
Release:01 July, 2005

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:''This article is about the beverage. See Wine (software)|Wine (software) for an article about the software of the same name.''Wine is an alcoholic beverage resulting from the fermentation of grapes or grape juice. The word comes from the Latin ''vinum'' (related to Greek language|Greek ''οἶνος'') - referring to both "wine" and the "vine". Wine-like beverages can also be made from other fruit wines |fruits or from flowers or grains, even honey. In this sense the word ''wine'' is used with a qualifier, for example, elderberry wine. The word ''wine'' by itself always means ''grape wine''. This terminology is often defined by law.The remainder of this article discusses grape wine. For non-grape wines, see country wine for fruit and flower wines or mead for honey wine. Wine is of particular interest for several reasons. It is a popular and important beverage that accompanies and enhances a wide range of Cuisine of Europe|European and Mediterrane! an diet|Mediterranean style cuisines, from the simple and traditional to the most sophisticated and complex. As an agricultural product it reflects, more than any other, the variety of the land, the local yeast cultures and the climate and conditions under which grapes are grown, the so-called "''terroir''". As a result, there is a great variety among wine products. The fermentation process itself and improvements attained with proper aging, sometimes for several decades or more, will further increase variation. However, variety is not in itself a sought-after quality for large producers of table wine or more affordable wines. For large and modern factory wines and mass market wine brands, consistency is more important than distinction and their producers try to hide any hint of often-unremarkable "''terroirs''" or climatically underperforming harvest years by blending harvests of various years and vineyard|vineyards, pasteurizing the grape juice in order to kill indigenous! yeast|yeasts (after which "choice" cultivated yeasts are rein! serted), using flavor additives and so on. Wine is also used in religious ceremonies in many cultures and the wine trade is of historical importance for many regions.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

にはWineで動作するアプリケーションに関してのメモを公開しています。 このページに記載されている事項はすべて自己 ... Wineに関してはwww.winehq.comを 参照して下さい。 各アプリケーションに関しては各作成者のWebページを参照して下さい...

Linux Wiki
やネットワーク,サーバ管理に関するWikiです。 ... 最近のWineは日本語入力できますし,是非お試しください。) -- 大友 2004-11-08 (月) 17:46:37; GCC 3.4.3 がでました -- 奥村 2004-11-08 (月) 15:47:58; KDE用年賀状作成ソフトKreetingKard...

Vinography: a wine blog: April 2005 Archives
Yeah, whenever I actually find out where a wine is from, I automatically want topay a lot less for it. ... highly sought after product: Canadian Ice Wine. Yeah.Go figure. The knockoffs, which would never get far in the US with label...

Win on Lin

CodeWeavers - Welcome
The company behind the Wine project and creators of Crossover Plugin, enablingWindows-based plugin for Linux such as Quicktime and Shockwave Dire...

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger
Yeah, some wines do rise above the rest, but that's not why I spent $150 atone winery. ... I'd never met a wine evangelist quite like Amy before. But sheconvinced us that we should try more wine in our lives, and that Christophe...

yaledailynews.com - An interview with ... God Street Wine's Lo Faber
God Street Wine plays an early show tonight at Toad's Place. Expect them to goon stage by 8:30 pm A&L Reviewer Rich Brauer caught ... Yeah, they were both funin different ways, actually. The side stage shows were actually pretty cool...

How to taste and serve wine
Everything about wine tasting: wine terms, vintage charts, food and wine, serving wine, tasting wine, wine glasses and ...

PIENSA.COM: Foro de Principiantes en Linux
nstalacion y configuracion de wine Linux rec hat9 por: yawar el d?a juevesseptiembre 30, @04:48 ... Re: como hago funsionar el wine instalado ya en milinux red hat. por duck el d?a viernes noviembre 19, @09:5...

Yahoo! Groups : Lasertank Messages : Message 4534 of 6360
I just tried lasertank on a linux box, redhat 7.1, with the prebuild binarywine-cvs-opengl-030503-1.i386.rpm from ... Re: lasertank wine linux Hi MF.Thank you for your comments. Personally, I know nothing about Linux. ---.....

Life in the Steppe
But anyway I was speaking about wine - yeah I really like it. Wine does have theadded advantage of being low in carbs, so you see not all bad things are entirelybad. Ok, considering that I have now spent a solid 20 minutes of wor...

Wine Technologies, Inc. - Robert Parker's Wine Advisor and Cellar ...
A sophisticated visual wine cellar manager built upon a database of wine information and wine tastings derived from Robert M. Parker, Jr's. newsletter, The Wine Advo...

You Know Moore ? Devil's advocate on gas prices
... it would be sensible and smart to not only drill for our own oil in Alaska,but also to find alternative energy sources. As for Fred's "Wine, wine, wine",yeah, I'm all for that. Red or white or both Fred? Cheers! 08/26 11:45:5...

Vinography: a wine blog: Wine News Archives
Yeah, whenever I actually find out where a wine is from, I automatically wantto pay a lot less for it. It's one thing to say that the apellation systems haveissues -- they're too restrictive in terms of winegrowing practices...

Speakeasy - Site Map
Speakeasy offers superior residential and business broadband including DSL, dedicated data lines, T1 lines, and ADSL internet access. Speakeasy services include VoIP, hosting, game servers rentals and...

Suse 9.3/Wine - Linux - CNET Forums
Suse 9.3/Wine: a CNET Forums posting by phil66 in Forum L...

WINE BUSINESS ONLINE - News & Information for Wine Industry ...
WINE BUSINESS ONLINE is the comprehensive wine industry news site for the global wine industry. Online Wine Industry Jobs Winejobs...

View topic - Configuring WINE :: Linux Format :: The website of ...
The website of the UK's best-selling Linux maga...

Windows Gamer's Guide to WINE | Gamegrene.com
Recently, Corel assisted greatly with WINE development and they are developinga method of porting Win32 apps to Linux by compiling them with WINElib. ...you notice a well hidden secret message! +50 experience points. yeah, I know...

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The tradesman's entrance.(Editor's comment) : An article from: European Power News Name:The tradesman's entrance.(Editor's comment) : An article from: European Power News
Release:29 June, 2005
Manufacturer:DMG World Media Ltd.

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A tradesman is a type of worker found in all cultures throughout the world. Tradesmen are skilled manual workers in a particular field. It is safe to consider a tradesman as half-way between a process worker or labourer and an engineer in their field.The training of a trade in European cultures has been a formal tradition for many centuries. A tradesman typically begins as an Apprenticeship|apprentice, working for and learning from a master, and after a number of years is released from his master's service to become a journeyman. After a journeyman has proven himself to his trade's guild (most guilds are now known by different names), he may settle down and work for himself, eventually taking on his own apprentices.Since the 20th Century, this process has been changed in many ways. A tradesman still begins as an apprentice, but the apprenticeship is carried out partly through working for a qualified tradesman and partly through an accredited trade school for a definite perio! d of time (usually around 4 years), after which he/she is fully qualified. Starting one's own business is purely a financial matter, rather than dependant on status. Few trades still make a distinction between a qualified tradesman and a master, although some still do.Economically and socially, a tradesman's status sits somewhere between a labourer and a professional, with a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge of their field. Tradesmen are often paid rather well for their expertise. In cultures where professional careers are highly prized there can be a shortage of skilled manual workers, leading to lucrative niche markets in the trades.A Jack of all trades is a colloquial term for someone who holds some degree of skill/qualification in more than one trade, but has not made a continuous career of any one. In many cases, a trade has been largely eliminated by social or technological change, and skilled workers have found employment in similar trades (e.g.! Typesetter|typesetters have become mostly obsolete due to ele! ctronic printing).

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Tradesman Woodcraft, Inc.
Affordable hand crafted wooden store fixtures and display solutions. We create custom-made, professional, space saving and attention-grabbing displays to meet your unique point-of-purchase n...

American Tradesman - The US Contractor Directory
A directory to locate tradesmen and other construction related professionals surrounding the construction industry. Add or update your listing in the American Tradesman, ...

Advice to a Young Tradesman
Advice to a Young Tradesman. by Benjamin Franklin, written in 1748. TO MY FRIEND, AB:. As you have desired it of me, I write the following hints, which have been of service to me, and may, if observed, be so to you...

The Tradesman (AKA Contractor) - Palm Software Application Store
If you're a tradesman or a contractor this is YOUR application. Keep track of clients, projects and the time you spend working for ...

Tradesmen UK Web Pages, featuring tradesmen including Bricklayers ...

TRADESMAN SOFTWARE and Chet's Metal Detectors - Home Page
Designer and writer of software for trades and electricians. Includes catalog and wiring ...

Wry Tradesman
Wry Tradesman is an anagram of Marty Andrews. Marty works as a software developer and agile coach at Thoughtworks ... If you're actually looking for a real tradesman (as in the handy man type), then try going to the Tradesman Australi...

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Using private information: a pricing strategy. : An article from: Mortgage Banking Name:Using private information: a pricing strategy. : An article from: Mortgage Banking
Release:28 July, 2005
Manufacturer:Mortgage Bankers Association of America

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Prepayment is repayment (Anticipation_(finance)|anticipation) of the total loan amount by a property owner who's mortgage is backing a Mortgage Backed Security (MBS). Prepayment Risk is the risk of Prepayment that a MBS-holder is exposed to.Prepayment is perceived as an MBS risk, because Mortgage debts are often paid off early in order to incur lower total interest payments through cheaper refinancing. The new financing may be cheaper because the borrower's credit rating has improved or because interest rates are lower, but in either case, the payments that ''would have been made'' to the MBS investor would be above market rates. Redeeming such loans early through prepayment reduces the upside of credit & interest rate variance in an MBS. The downside of these variances (interest rates rises or creditworthiness declines) does not normally induce a refinancing (since the fixed mortgage payments are now at below-market rates). The fact that MBS-holders are exposed to downside ! prepayment risk, but rarely benefit from it, means that these bonds must pay a slightly ''higher'' interest rate than treasuries, to be attractive investments. (This is the Option Adjusted Spread.)

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Internetowa ksi?garnia
... Valuation and Analysis of Credit-Sensitive CMBS Tranches (P. Obazee). An EmpiricalFramework for Estimating CMBS Defaults (D. Westhoff, et al.). Project-Loan Prepaymentsand Defaults (S. Banerjee, et al.). Valuing the Prepayment and Credit...

A Dynamic Analysis of Fixed- and Adjustable-Rate Mortgage ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョン... violations of the assumptions. of a pure options model). While the resultssupport the basic predictions of the options. theory, differences in estimatesof conditional probabilities of prepayment and default. and Westhoff (1998)...

Payment Options: Prepayment
The Tuition Pre-Payment Plan allows you to prepay up to five years of full-timetuition and mandatory fees. ... You may request a contract be sent to you bycompleting a Tuition Prepayment Plan Inquiry form for 2005-2006, or by callin...

Special Study: Staff Report on Enhancing Disclosure in the ...
See Dale Westhoff & VS Srinivasan, The Next Generation of Prepayment Models toValue Nonagency MBS in The Handbook of Mortgage-Backed Securities, supra note10, at 397, 400. 79, While private-label issuers generally provide mor...

Rich Rifkin's Consumer Mortgage Education Series
How to Get All the Money You Want from Your Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Training andEducation for the Consumer. ... Payment and Prepayment Calculator. Everything You'veAlways Needed to Know About Borrowing but didn't have a resourc...

イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンThe Series 1998B Assessments are also subject to mandatory prepayment at the timethe property on which ... mandatory prepayment of a property’s apportionment ofthe Assessment if the respective payment thereof become...

* Prepayment - (Business): Definition
Prepayment Online Encyclopedia. ... Prepayment: Repayment of greater than thescheduled principal amount. If a project company is forced to prepay principalwith excess cash flow, then it is referred to as a mandatory prepayment .....

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Second Lien Financings
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンsuch mandatory prepayment be applied to 1. st. lien debt. ?. Not cross-defaultedto 1. st. lien debt until passage of 45-90 day. period; in some “bond like” deals,only cross-. acceleration/cross payment defaul...

Mortgage Calculators
2b) Mortgage Prepayment Calculator: Biweekly Payments Applied Monthly.For borrowers who want to know when their loan will pay off, ... 2c) MortgagePrepayment Calculator: Extra Monthly Payments to Pay Off in Specified Period...

イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンmandatory prepayment in the event that Viasource made an initial. publicoffering (IPO) "pursuant to an effective ... they are subject to mandatoryprepayment only if Viasource made an. IPO pursuant to a registration statement tha...

Mortgage and Loan Prepayment Calculator for Palm OS at PalmGear.com
PalmGear.com - the largest worldwide resource for Palm OS freeware, sharewareand commercial software, as well as software for the Treo 600 and...

The Causal Effect of Mortgage Refinancing on Interest Rate ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンThe prepayment function displayed in Figure 1 is similar to the agency prepayment.profile presented in Westhoff and ... [37] Westhoff, D. and Srinivasan, VS, 2001,The Next Generation of Prepayment. Models to Value Nonagency MBS...

Apartments.com | Prepayment
With our calculator function, you can input the desired term of the mortgage,and you will quickly see how much extra you will ... Mortgage Calculator ·PrePayment Calculator · Monthly Payment Calculator · Rental Property Calculato...

Postal History of the Pease Family In America
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンMandatory Prepayment, stamps compulsory after January 1, 1856. William Pease followedthe westward expansion of the. United States ahead of the transcontinental railway.Per the. letter he is “trying is luck” in the gold fields o...

Amazon.co.jp: 目次 洋書: Handbook of Structured Financial Products
yment Modeling and Valuation of Home Equity Loan Securities (D. Westhoff and M.Feldman). 25. Non-Accelerating Senior Home Equity Loan ABS (R. DiSerio, et al.).26. Adjustable-Rate Home Equity Loan ABS (C. Flanagan, et al.)...

Low Income Mortgage Terminations
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンmortgage prepayment by low-to-moderate income households is little distinguishedfrom higher ... The present value of interest savings from prepayment is themarket value of first mortgage debt less the book value of first mortgage deb...


These clauses are the sharing clause, the mandatory prepayment clauses, andthe majority voting clause. ... For example, the mandatory prepayment, negativepledge, pari passu, and sharing clauses were drafted to cover any conceivabl...

The Securitization Conduit : Adverse loan selection and the true ...
The Securitization Conduit; September 22, 2000; Westhoff, Dale Kramer, Bruce.Read the Full Article, ... The MBS market has long recognized the valuableprepayment characteristics associated with certain loan and borrower attribute...

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Healthy city

Healthy city[Health care]
The Food Doctor In The City: Maximum Health for Urban Living Name:The Food Doctor In The City: Maximum Health for Urban Living
Release:01 March, 2001
Manufacturer:Collins & Brown Ltd.

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Healthy city is an idiom employed, usually for political purposes, by public health advocates who seek more attention to urban economics and urban infrastructure, e.g. mass transit and street reclaiming. It is usually relative, i.e. a healthier city is what is being advocated - use of the term healthy in advocacy implies the city is presently not healthy, and that is why attention is required.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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Asparagine[Health care]
Asparagine metabolism in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) leaves and pods =: Metabolisme de l'asparagine dans les feuilles et les gousses de Soja (Glycine max L. Merr.) Name:Asparagine metabolism in soybean (Glycine max L. Merr.) leaves and pods =: Metabolisme de l'asparagine dans les feuilles et les gousses de Soja (Glycine max L. Merr.)
Manufacturer:Muhammad Ali Society

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:''"Asn", and hence "asn", redirect here. For the television service, see Atlantic Satellite Network.''

Asparagine is one of the 20 most common natural amino acids on Earth. It has carboxamide as the side chain's functional group. It is considered a non-essential amino acid.Its three-letter abbreviation is Asn, and its one-letter abbreviation is N. A three-letter designation for either asparagine or aspartic acid is Asx (one-letter abbreviation: B).A reaction between asparagine and reducing sugars or reactive carbonyls produces acrylamide (acrylic amide) in food when heated to sufficient temperature, i.e. baking. These occur primarilly in baked goods such as french fries, potato chips, and roasted coffee.A byproduct of the breakdown of asparagine (asparagine-amino-succinic-acid monoamide) is also blamed for the smell in some people's urine after they have eaten asparagus (Some scientists disagree and implicate other substances in the smell, especially methanethiol). Asparagine was first disco! vered in this plant, hence its name. It was the first amino acid to be discovered, in 1806.

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quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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Corkscrew (tool)

Corkscrew (tool)[Konwledge of Wine]
DEWALT DC9071 12-Volt XRP Battery Pack Name:DEWALT DC9071 12-Volt XRP Battery Pack
Catalog:Home Improvement

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A corkscrew is a tool for drawing stopper (plug)|stopping corks from bottles. Generally, it comprises a pointed metallic helix attached to a handle. The user grips the handle and screws the metal point through the cork (material)|cork, entwining the cork and corkscrew so that moving one moves the other. Corkscrews are necessary because corks themselves, being small and smooth, are difficult to grip and (elegantly) remove. The handle of the corkscrew, often a horizontal bar of wood attached to the screw, allows for a fine, commanding grip making removal of the stopper (plug)|stopper relatively easy. Many corkscrew handles incorporate levers that further increase the amount of force that can be applied outwards upon the cork.

Its design was derived from the gun worm which was a device used by musketmen to remove unspent charges from a musket's barrel in a similar fashion.Corks are largely associated with wine bottles, although they are being replaced with other closures such as screwcaps on a proportion of wines.

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quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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Gravity base structure

Gravity base structure[Construction]


A gravity base structure (GBS) is a support structure held in place by gravity. A common application is for offshore oil drilling rigs. GBSs for offshore drilling rigs are often constructed in Norway|Norwegian fjords. A protected area with sufficient depth is preferred for construction. GBSs intended for offshore oil platforms are constructed of steel bar reinforced concrete, often with tanks or cells which can be used to control the buoyancy of the finished GBS. When completed, GBSs are towed to their intended location and sunk. The platform structure which a GBS supports is called the topsides.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

OilOnline - The Original Online Source for the Oil Industry
The company submitted its Deepwater Port license application for a freestandingconcrete gravity base structure LNG receiving and regasification terminal in theGulf of Mexico ? dubbed Port Pelican ? to the US Coast Guard last December...

Center for Marine Simulation (CMS): Industrial Assistance
This work included modelling of environment, vessels and operation scenarios forsuch projects as the tow out of the Hibernia Gravity Base Structure, ballastingof the Hibernia Gravity Base Structure, operation of Hibernia shuttl...

Subject number: T5 ? Innovative Offshore Design Full title of ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe AcrobatWater depth (m) Concepts for wind turbine structure. 0-10. Gravity based type.0-30. Mono pile type. > 20. Tripod / jacket type ... gravity base, thus reducingthe free-standing or cantilevering part considerably. The gravity bas...

Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer for Moving-Base Applications
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンSuperconducting Gravity Gradiometer. for Moving-Base Applications. TEST MASS.PIVOT. CAVITY FOR. SUPERCONDUCTING. ELECTRONICS. SLOT FOR ... port structure.Table III. Major error sources for a. moving base SGG. Error source. Magnitud...

Hibernia Oil Project
The gravity base structure (GBS) at the deepwater site consists of a 105.5mconcrete caisson, constructed using high-strength concrete, reinforced with steelrods and pre-stressed tendons. The topsides at Bull Arm...

Appendix H USEPA Air Quality Permit Application
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobatgravity base structure. GEP. good engineering practice. GJ/hr. gigajoules per hour.HAP. hazardous air pollutant ... The gravity base structure (GBS) regasificationterminal will be composed of. two concrete structures that will b...

The sinking of the Sleipner A offshore platform
It is a Condeep type platform with a concrete gravity base structure consistingof 24 cells and with a total base area of 16 000 m2. Four cells are elongated toshafts supporting the platform deck. The first concrete base structure fo...

Structure of the southern Jalisco subduction zone, Mexico, as ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンA type-model of the geological structure of the Jalisco subduction zone wasdetermined by matching gravity ... The observed gravity at the base station is978581.46±0.07. mGal. The Manzanillo base is tied to LAGSN77 gravity sta...

1.054/1.541 Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures (3-0-9 ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンconsidered in this problem is the concrete gravity platform (offshore structure).A brief. introduction is first presented followed by questions ... Consider thebase of the concrete gravity platform as a cylinder model. How deep coul...

The project is: Construction of a new base of gravity data in the AndeanGeotraverse in northern Chile and ... This part of the transect is characterizedby an anomalous velocity structure and was already described by Heinsohn (1990)...

Inversion of gravity data for base salt
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンsalt structure at a depth of several km can produce highly. variable gravityanomalies on the surface, results from ... plex structure into the recovered basesalt, which can lead. to erroneous interpretation and degrade seismic imagin...

The Sakhalin Times? on the WWW
The concrete gravity base structure for the LUN-A offshore oil drilling platformhas been successfully put on the bottom of the Sea of Okhotsk 15 kilometres fromSakhalin. The operation was completed in four days virtually flawlessly...

2003 Overall Winner: Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester. Civil ...
イプ: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTMLバージョンThe BP Harding Gravity base Structure, Hunterston. Building Category. The Cableand Wireless College, Coventry ... Concrete gravity substructure for the RavenspurnNorth-Central Processing Platform. Building Categor...

Technical and economical description
The Statfjord A platform is a large concrete, gravity base structure consistingof several hundred thousand tonnes of steel and concrete with the base pressedinto the sea-floor at 146 m depth. When the present process equipment i...

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Cranesbill[American actor]


List of cranesbill species|See list
The cranesbills make up the genus ''Geranium'' of 422 species of Annual plant|annual, Biennial plant|biennial, and Perennial plant|perennial plants found throughout the temperate regions of the world and the mountains of the tropics, but mostly in the eastern part of the Mediterranean.Confusingly, "geranium" is also the common name of members of the genus ''Pelargonium'', which were formerly classified in the cranesbill genus. One can make the distinction between the two by looking at the flowers : ''Geranium'' has symmetrical flowers, while ''Pelargonium'' has irregular or maculate petals.Other former members of the genus are now classified in genus ''Erodium'', including the plants known as filarees in North America.The name "cranesbill" derives from the appearance of the seed-heads, which have the same shape as the bill of a Crane (bird)|Crane. The genus name is derived from the Greek language|Greek word ''geranos'', meaning 'crane'.The long, palmately cleft Leaf|leaves a! re broadly circular in form. Their rose, pink to blue or white flowers have 5 petals.These attractive flowers will grow in any soil as long as it is not waterlogged. Propagation is by semi-ripe cuttings in summer, by seed or by division in autumn or spring.

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

quote Wikipedia - Article - History - License:GFDL

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