Bulge bracket

Bulge bracket[Banks Banks]
Close Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge Name:Close Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge
Manufacturer:UBI Soft

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I found this game more aggravating than enjoyable, and was constantly reloading maps to try and place my units in a more strategic area...which I wasn't very successful at.When my units did have LOS enough to "fire" they spent most of the time yelling about "no clear shot".Meanwhile, the Americans can do little to nothing to stop the German tanks, while in reality a well placed round from a Sherman, AT gun or even a bazooka could at least immobilize a german tank.The computer controlled german tanks have 100% comprehension of the terrain and even the layout of units they shouldn't be able to see, firing all the way across the map.The computer controlled mortar crews can knock out every half track and armored car you own, while in reality they shouldn't even be able to see themyet, while your mortar crews are useless most of the time.The player controlled units are slow, their turrets are usually traversing the wrong direction and they are always "aiming" and rarely firing.A ! target can come around the corner, its turret already rotating and knock out a sherman before you can even make its turret line up to fire.Very, very annoying when American armor is in such short supply...but it lacks punch anyway.Watching the historical accounts of tank battles, 5 shermans in real life could knock out even a tiger...in this game they can only draw fire to themselves while not doing a bit of damage to the enemy...can't I at least immobilize a panzer once in a while...throw me a bone here.However the infantry units are great, fighting a hopeless battle until the panzers show up to blow 'em to hell.I found CC3 to be more forgiving to sunday gamers, with the russian T34's and tank destroyers being an even match for panzers.I would love to see an AT rifle score at least one hit on a tank though...some day maybe.
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Bulge bracket is a finance term referring to the first group listed on the 'tombstone'. That is, the group of firms in an underwriting syndicate (a group of investment banks) who are responsible for selling the largest amounts of the stock to investors. Their names appear first in the advertisement listing, called the tombstone.The term 'bulge bracket' loosely translates into the largest full service brokerages/investment banks as measured by various league table standings. In common phraseology, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch are considered the ultimate examples (sometimes called the “Super Bulge Bracket.”) Of late, Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney, CSFB and increasingly JPMorgan Chase are considered to have joined the U.S. bulge bracket. Globally, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and UBS Warburg/PaineWebber are typically thrown with the U.S. top five to form the so-called “Global Bulge Bracket.” (Outside of the U.S., D! eutsche Bank, JPMorgan and UBS frequently outrank Goldman in the league tables, for example.) For historical context, Aaron Brown writes: "In a tombstone ad, the lead underwriters were at the top, then the majors in alphabetical order, followed by the minors in alphabetical order, followed by the dreaded "line" under which the regionals were listed in alphabetical order.Then came May Day, 1975, when fixed commissio! ns were abolished. This touched off a merger wave and dramatic! shifts of market share. The mergers messed up alphabetical order. For example, Burnham insisted on being listed under "B" after it had merged into Drexel Burnham Lambert. Some underwriters honored the request, some did not. Alliances formed and firms dropped out of underwritings if the leads did not agree to their alphabetization rules (don't get me started on issues like whether firms would honor the reversed ampersand in Goldman Sachs & Co.).Along with this squabbling, a lot of the minor firms we! re arguing that they had become larger than some of the smaller majors, and wanted in. The big majors and the big minors struck a deal to relegate the smaller majors (who were causing the alphabetization troubles) and the larger minors into a new bracket. It didn't have a name, but it came between majors and minors with a small line (not the big line that separated regionals) to separate it. It became known as the "bulge bracket" because it tended to bulge out in the ads (it had a lot of firms and used reasonably large type). So a "bulge bracket" underwriter was an up-and-coming minor firm or once-major fallen angel.The term fell into disuse as tombstones became less important and underwriting syndicates were rationalized. A few years ago it was ressurected to mean top underwriter, that is, above the majors. The trouble is the term grates on us older folks when used this way. It has a nouveau riche quality, arrogation of a grand-sounding title without knowing what it means.! Using "bulge" to mean something good is not only bad history,! it sugg ests the user values size above quality, and likes things fat and crowded."

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First Union

First Union[Banks Banks]
First Recording V.2 Name:First Recording V.2
Release:13 August, 1999
Manufacturer:Disk Union

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First Union Corporation was a large banking chain based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It acquired Wachovia(Wachovia Corporation) in 2001, and the combined company kept Wachovia's name. First Union National Bank of North Carolina was originally formed in 1958 with the merger of Union National Bank and First National Bank and Trust Company of Asheville, North Carolina(Asheville). Over the decades, First Union acquired over 80 other banks, and became one of the largest banks in the United States in 2000 when an acrimonious public competition ensued between Wachovia and Atlanta, Georgia-based SunTrust Banks. Three of the tallest skyscrapers in Charlotte, North Carolina(Charlotte) carried First Union's name, and now have Wachovia's name. Naming rights to the Wachovia Center(First Union Center) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were also assumed by Wachovia.

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Reserve Bank of Australia

Reserve Bank of Australia[Banks Banks]

Nugget, Pike, et al.: The Role of the Reserve Bank of Australia in ...
このページを訳す BETA ]In this chapter the author looks at the transfer of control over the banking andmonetary system during Papua New Guinea’s decolonisation. He focuses specificallyon the role played by the Reserve Bank of Australia whose interest in th...

NSW Government - Thank You Page
このページを訳す BETA ]Thank you for visiting the NSW Government Home Page You are now leaving the NSWGovernment web site. If you are not automatically redirected to the page you haveselected, please click here. http://www.rba.gov.au...

Reserve Bank of Australia - inflation
このページを訳す BETA ]Economic commentators from Terry McCrann to Des Moore have congratulated the ReserveBank of Australia for its Australia’s inflation rate down. They are badly mist...

このページを訳す BETA ]The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank and is located in Sydney.The Bank recruits macroeconomists and financial economists for its three policygroups: the Economic Group, Financial Markets Group and Financia...

The Australian: Reserve Bank rate gamble pays off [August 10, 2005]
このページを訳す BETA ]The Australian, Australia's national daily newspaper. ... Reserve Bank rategamble pays off · Treasurer can't resist gloat at the Reserve's good news ·Don't shuffle off the mortal toil before you've saved for your old ag...

Reserve Bank of Australia leaves official cash rate unchanged at ...
このページを訳す BETA ]Reserve Bank of Australia leaves official cash rate unchanged at 5.50...

Reserve Bank of Australia - Company Profile, Research, News ...
このページを訳す BETA ]Thomson Gale Company Profiles provide detailed information on over 450000 public andprivate companies across the globe. Compiled from a wide variety of authoritativesources, including Ward's Business Directory of US Private and Publi...

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